Renovation Consulting & Initial Property Assessment Inspectors for Residential Housing

Homeowner’s Role
  • Communicate with your Contractor throughout the Renovation Process until the project is completed
  • Any concerns and/or issues during the renovation project needs to be resolved between homeowner and his/her Contractor
  • Bill Evans Home Team are not mediators and cannot resolve any disputes between homeowner and contractor during the renovation process
  • Homeowner can contact Bill Evans Home Team Front Office to schedule the First Draw Inspection, and thereafter
  • CANCELLATIONS – CALL the front office the day before the confirmed appointment and reschedule with the front office and notify the Contractor also

No Money (according to the Lender)

  • There are no funds available for up-front start-up costs
  • It is highly advisable to work with a contractor who is well aware of the 203(k) guidelines and understand the steps involved in it.  If you are going to be working with a new contractor who has no prior experience, make them understand the Draw process and the work completion schedule as determined by the 203(k) Consultant in the Write-up package.
  • Materials cannot be paid for with construction draws until they have been acceptably installed
  • Each Draw is subject to a 10% holdback which will be retained from each Draw and released when the repairs are acceptably completed, inspected and a determination has been made that there are no outstanding mechanics liens
  • Work stoppages cannot exceed 30 days during the renovation period
 Payments at Completion
  • The Lender will disburse draws by official check payable to the Borrower and the Contractor
  • Only those repairs/remodeling listed in the approved Specification of Repairs are eligible for reimbursement
  • Bill Evans Home Team, LLC does not issue payment checks.  All payment questions should be directed to the Borrower’s Lender

Our Commitment

We Do 4 Things 1 Way
  1. Provide Great Service
  2. At a Fair Price
  3. Accurately Performed
  4. Promptly Delivered

The 1 way: 

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