Renovation Consulting & Initial Property Assessment Inspectors for Residential Housing

President’s Message

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Bill Evans Home Team website.  We are committed to providing future and current homeowners exceptional Consulting service for your home renovation and inspection needs.  Our team of licensed Home Inspectors and Certified Renovation Consultants will assist you in the process of evaluating the condition of the property and recommending the estimated cost of repairs.  We will provide detailed specification of repairs and concept drawings to determine market rate cost estimates.  We evaluate selected contractor bids for the renovation project, and assist you in many ways in doing a renovation project.

The way we do this is with honor to you, our customer, and to their customers.  Our commitment is to do 4 things this way: provide great service, at a fair price, accurately prepared, and promptly delivered.

We believe that all our customers are better served with a team approach rather than a one person approach.

Thank you again for visiting our website, and please contact the office to schedule an appointment for our exemplary services!  Our motto is we “Make Difficult Simple”.

Best regards,
Bill Evans, President

Our Commitment

We Do 4 Things 1 Way
  1. Provide Great Service
  2. At a Fair Price
  3. Accurately Performed
  4. Promptly Delivered

The 1 way: 

With Honor to Our Customers and to Their Customers