Renovation Consulting & Initial Property Assessment Inspectors for Residential Housing

Home inspection determines the condition of the property in a thorough physical inspection by licensed inspectors.

Homebuyer(s) call Bill Evans Home Team office at 410-437-5704 to schedule the Home Inspection appointment.

Homebuyer(s) notifies Realtor of the confirmed appointment scheduled with Bill Evans Home Team in order to have access to the Property.

If Realtor calls Bill Evans Home Team to schedule the appointment, the Realtor notifies the Homebuyer(s) of the scheduled appointment date and time.

Homebuyer(s) needs to be available for the appointment.

Property/Home Inspections (Base Fee Schedule)
Type (Under 2000 SF) Fee
Condo $475**
Town Home $475**
Single Family Detached $475**
Over 2,000 SF Call for Quote
Unit $25 each

**Prices subject to change due to reasons below

Payment is expected at the time of the appointment and it is NON-REFUNDABLE.

** 1) Size of the property

** 2) Age of the property

** 3) Condition of the property

** 4) Type of inspection


**Additional charge for mileage may apply.  Consultant will discuss with homebuyer on site.  It is non-refundable.

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