Renovation Consulting & Initial Property Assessment Inspectors for Residential Housing

Bill Evans Home Team Draw Inspection Procedures

  • Homeowner or Contractor call the office a week in advance to schedule the Draw Inspection and once the appointment date and time is confirmed, the homeowner or contractor notifies one another
  • It is preferred for the Contractor and the Homeowner be at the First Draw Inspection appointment and during the continuation of the Draw Inspections of the Renovation project
  • Appointments are done by the Front Office, not by the Consultant
  • Scheduling is based on availability in each Consultant’s schedule book and Front Office will accommodate requests accordingly
  • If permits are required for the renovation project, a hard copy needs to be available to give to the Consultant to submit with the Draw Request documents to the lender
  • CANCELLATIONS:  as a courtesy to other clients/contractors/homeowners who need a certain date and time appointment, if you already have an appointment and realized later you cannot make your appointment, please CALL the office immediately to cancel, so your spot will be available for the next caller.  We can reschedule accordingly.
    • Monday – Friday Business days:  9am-4pm. 
    • NOTE:  Effective 1-1-18  if you are cancelling on the day of the appointment, there is a $25 cancellation fee charge.  This is not part of the Draw Inspection fee. Payment comes from the Contractor or the Homeowner.

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